Master Business through Technology
Tech Transformation for Exponential Growth

After taking this course, entrepreneurs worried about growth will be able to create automated systems that deliver 100% every time. They will be calm and composed knowing that they can control all aspects of their business and run it with less people from anywhere using just a smartphone.

Are you always worried what will
go wrong next in your business?

Your sales and profits are stagnant, and you are stuck and unable to scale up. Doing business without profits is like drinking soup with a fork.

Your marketing cannot generate enough leads, and the sales team cannot achieve targets and convert the leads.

Negative Cash flows. Supplier's payments are due, but there is no money in the bank to pay. Customers find one or another reason to delay payments.

You are firefighting all the time. There is no accountability and systems in your company. You have to continuously remind people.

Manpower costs are rising while efficiency is reducing. It is nearly impossible to find & recruit good performers. Appraisals are a nightmare.

Your business cyclical and gets hurt by recessions or maybe totally shut down during frequent lockdowns. You don't know how to diversify.

Technology can help you eliminate all firefighting,
mistakes & delays in your business permanently.

I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Automation Expert, & Technology Coach

I have trained over 3500 entrepreneurs including owners of Action, Okaya, Bikano, Virgo etc.

Why struggle un-necessarily when technology is available to help them run your business from anywhere with complete control and automation ?

I have developed the MBT program to help you achieve all of this along with your team in just 3 months.

Sanjeev Jain



These are unprecedented times with amazing opportunities.

Startups are achieving billions in valuation while traditional businesses struggle for decades.

Why not use Technology to redefine your industry & grow exponentially ?


Entrepreneurs worried about business growth & messed up operations, will be able to run their business with less people from anywhere using just a smartphone.


Automation for 5x Leads at 1/10th the cost of Digital Marketing. Revive Old Customers & Lost Inquiries. Sales Team hits their targets every time.


Differentiate your products/services and charge higher. Wow customers with MNC like services.Next level automation for Production, Projects, Dispatch, Helpdesk etc


5x more productivity with automated delegation. HR Mgmt. that automates everything from recruitment, training, performance, payroll, compliances to exit.


Even your money is just data nowadays. Protect your data & transactions from everyone including employees, hackers, authorities & competition.


Save huge costs, build your own ERP/CRM for free. It's more effective and customisable. Save tons on buying hardware, software with our unique guidance & handholding.

Why MBT ?


  • FULL VIDEOS of all sessions will be provided. You can review\revisit any topics on your phone\laptop.

  • READY TO USE TOOLS are provided for easy implementation of all modules. These take very little time to activate and customize as per your business needs.

  • 121 HANDHOLDING SESSIONS. You will be assigned a Tech Expert who will hand hold you every step of the way. Weekly meetings will be held with you and your team to set and review targets for implementation.

OUR PROMISE: No other trainer in our field has the team (40+) to ensure that you actually implement what you have learnt. We focus on quality on quantity.

Unlike CEOITBOX, other trainers do the easy bit (training only) and leave you on your own to do the hardest part (implementation). Our unique handholding approach ensures proper implementation.


Unlike other trainers we believe in minimum training and maximum implementation focus.


We provide field tested systems and templates to get you started immediately. You don't have to start from scratch.


Our program saves you Lacs on buying an ERP, CRM, expensive hardware & Software, wasting money on digital marketing etc. Click here for details.


Unlike other trainers, we train your entire team without charging anything extra so Together Everyone achieves More and quickly !

YES!! I want to become No 1 of my Industry

IMPORTANT: We do not take everyone as this is not a training program. Our team does an in-depth discussion to ensure expectation & delivery match. Also we have limited bandwidth so we cannot guarantee immediate enrolment into the MBT programme.


Passionate Entrepreneurs who want to go to next Level with Tech.

People who are looking for Automated Sales & Conversion.

Business owners who are fed up with high costs & poor margins. Looking to reinvent their business model.

Business owners who are frustrated with continuous firefighting and crises, unable to focus on growth.

Business owners who want to make their business scalable, expand to multiple locations and serve a larger market.

Business owners who want to get 10x results with half the cost by using Tech to reduce dependence on manpower.

YES!! I want to become No 1 of my Industry

Frequently Asked Questions ? (click to expand)

  1. Do I need any technical skills to come for this course?

We do not need any advanced\special skills. If you can run a smart phone then you can attend this course.

  1. How much time it will take/ duration of the course ?

Basic systems will be up and running in 3 months (approx). We will provide support for 9 more months for further enhancement of these systems.

  1. How much of my time is required ?

You need to attend minimum 15 sessions held live every Thursday from 9am to 2pm (or watch the recordings that will be provided). You will also be required to attend 15 implementation & review sessions (2 hours as per your convenience).

  1. Should I do this workshop alone or with an assistant? Who all should attend ?

An MIS person with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required for setup & internal coordination. Furthermore there will be special sessions for your HR, Sales, Marketing teams.

  1. I don’t have any MIS person or he's not an expert ?

You can support from our Recruitment Helpdesk. We also provide 2 months In Depth Training to your inhouse MIS person so he can setup and train everyone inside the company to use them.

  1. What if my person leaves ? Will my systems collapse ?

No, Systems will keep running. Role of MIS person is important in initial setup, customization and training. Full backup support from our team in case of any issue.

  1. What if I miss a class?

We provide all recordings. We also allow you to repeat the class in the next session.

  1. Will you provide any notes\reference materials?

We provide the complete course content online with the presentations and videos. You can refer the same at any time and also see the updated content with new articles, tips and updated scripts.

  1. What if I face any problem in implementing what I have learnt?

We have a dedicated team of experts who will schedule weekly\bi-weekly sessions to implement whatever you have learnt 100%. Furthermore our dedicated helpdesk will resolve all queries and doubts from you or your team.

  1. Can we connect with existing Softwares\Sync Data ?

You can connect Google Sheets with any database. Just check on web\youtube for your software\database. Your team can take guidance from our experts on how to do this.

How is MBT different from others ?

TRANSFORM BUSINESS MODEL & BUILD DIGITAL ASSETS that increase company valuation by atleast 5x.

IMPLEMENTATION FOCUS not theory focussed.

SAVE TIME OF OWNER by using TEAM APPROACH. We train your entire team simultaneously.

SAVE MANPOWER COSTS - Save 30% manpower & scale up by 200% with same manpower.




FASTER RESULTS. Within 3 months you would start to save at least 18.5 work hours per week.

HIGHER ROI - ALL TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY IS INBUILT unlike others to save Lacs.

CONTINUOUS UPDATION so you have the latest Technology to outperform competition.

Here’s what some of our Clients say

YES!! I want to become No 1 of my Industry

IMPORTANT: We do not take everyone as this is not a training program. Our team does an in-depth discussion to ensure expectation & delivery match. Also we have limited bandwidth so we cannot guarantee immediate enrolment into the MBT programme.

Meet Your Trainer

Sanjeev is an MBA from IIFT, Delhi. He is married to Ekta, has two sons Abhinav and Arjun.

He is a serial entrepreneur having founded more than 7 companies. He loves Technology and founded TNS (Technology Never Sleeps) in 2007. TNS sets up networks, data centers, cybersecurity & collaboration solutions for companies like Honda, Mitsubishi, L&T, IOCL, GMR, Railways etc. He was the President of the BNI’s Empezar Chapter for 2 terms & Past President of Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial.

Currently he’s working on his new venture CEOITBOX, where he trains entrepreneurs on using Technology to fully automate their business & run it from their smartphone.

His life’s mission is to get 100+ Indian businesses into the fortune 500 in the next 10 years.

My mission is to help owners of even the most complex businesses, run their business from a smartphone with complete automation!

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YES!! I want to become No 1 of my Industry

IMPORTANT: We do not take everyone as this is not a training program. Our team does an in-depth discussion to ensure expectation & delivery match. Also we have limited bandwidth so we cannot guarantee immediate enrolment into the MBT programme.