Create repeatable systems to eliminate all fire fighting & grow your business in just 8 sessions

After taking this course, people who are frustrated with employees messing up operations, will be able to create automated systems that deliver 100% every time. They will be calm and composed knowing that they can control all aspects of their business and run it with less people from anywhere using just a smartphone.

This programme is for those who are facing these challenges:

See the introduction video below:

Meet Sanjeev Jain

As an Entrepreneur who established 3 different businesses, I struggled a lot to get even small tasks done properly. Despite my MBA from IIFT, nothing in my education prepared me for the real challenges of the business - How to get orders, recruit people, get work done, get payments etc.

I attended lot of long & expensive trainings. Unfortunately all these coaches lack the practical experience of running a business. I have seen countless entrepreneurs repeat the same painful cycle over and over again getting little in return.

After 26 year of working, I observed that the only thing that worked for me was to build systems, using Technology, that can run on their own. Our biggest mistake is to think that people can run systems. Once I started developing these foolproof systems, I am calm and relaxed knowing that these would keep running even when I sleep. Using Tech and repeatable systems I converted all businesses into a machine that runs on their own.

Today, I run our 7 group companies with combined revenues of more than 600 cr from anywhere just using my smartphone. I invite you to join me on this journey of using Technology to reinvent your business and free yourself from daily hassles to focus on your passion and growth.

For more on me see

Our unique methodology relies on repeatable systems, field tested actions using success templates and extended hand-holding.

For inquiry, please call Siddharth on 8766362949 or Rama on 9811148346


113 Automations that you will learn in the Tech Mastery Essentials Coaching


  • FULL VIDEOS of all sessions will be provided. You can review\revisit any topics on your phone\laptop.

  • READY TO USE TOOLS are provided for easy implementation of all modules. These take very little time to activate and customize as per your business needs.

  • FREE REMOTE SUPPORT. We have a dedicated tech team to support you and resolve any issues in implementation of our modules.

  • 121 TROUBLESHOOTING HANDHOLDING SESSIONS. You can register for our 121 support with our Technical Team who will help/support you for any implementation.

  • ONSITE/REMOTE TECH SUPPORT is available on chargeable basis.

YES!! I want to become the UBER of my Industry


Dates: Jan : 23,30 & Feb : 6,20 (Saturday) (9am to 6pm)

Jan : 28 & Feb : 4,11,18

(2pm to 6pm)

For inquiry, please call Siddharth on 8766362949 or Rama on 9811148346

For inquiry please call

Siddharth on 8766362949

or Rama on 9811148346

Frequently Asked Questions ? (click to expand)

Question #1: Do I need any technical skills to come for this course?

It is recommended that you should know how to use the Internet & MS Office (basics only) for taking the full benefit of this course. We do not need any advanced\special skills.

Question #2: Should I do this workshop alone or with an assistant?

In case you are a busy entrepreneur we recommend that you attend with your assistant. Your role is to understand what all ideas need to be implemented in your business and the task can be assigned to your assistant who can complete the same with help of our team. The assistant needs to be comfortable with working on Internet & MS Office.

Question #3: What if I miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a session we can organize a 121 session with one of our team members to help you cover up the missed session if you notify us in advance. We may also be able to accommodate you in the next workshop for the missed session.

Question #4: Will you provide any notes\reference materials?

We provide the complete course content with the presentations and videos in en electronic form to all the participants. You can refer the same at any time and also see the updated content with new articles, tips and updated scripts.

Question #5: Do I need to bring my laptop?

This is a hands on workshop and we require all participants to bring their laptops, mobile phones & internet dongles to help them practice the learning on the spot.

Question #6: What if I face any problem in implementing what I have learnt?

We have a dedicated team of experts that are available to help resolve all your queries and doubts through our dedicated helpdesk. We ensure that you are able to implement whatever you have learnt 100%.

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